What if the student has attendance issues?

Absences/Late Cancel

If a teacher cancels a lesson fewer than 24 hours in advance or is not present for a lesson, the student will be assigned an alternate make-up hour. To ensure accuracy, notifications of teacher cancellations or no-shows cannot be taken after 24 hours.

If a student cancels 24 hours or more before a scheduled lesson, the lesson may be rescheduled.  This however may set the student back in terms of their projected completion date of the course.

If a student cancels fewer than 24 hours before a lesson, the lesson credit will be deducted as if the lesson had taken place. Students/parents will be charged to the credit card on file for any missed lessons from LanguageBirdĀ® to make up the sessions missed for their total course credits at the end of each month.


If a student is late to a lesson, no additional time will be added to the lesson. If the teacher is late to a lesson, they is obligated to make up that time to the student at either the end of the current lesson or during a future lesson.

If a student is tardy, the teacher will be obligated to wait for the student for 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time of the lesson. After 15 minutes, teacher reserves the right to cancel the lesson. No credit hours will be refunded. Students must purchase an additional single lesson or package of additional lessons from LanguageBirdĀ® to make up the hour toward their total course credits.

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