This website is purposely made for our teachers and students to learn more about LanguageBird's SOPs and Policies.

Actionable Training

All trainings are made simple. teachers and students will understand our SOP's and Policies quickly.

Interesting Quizzes

We ask for evaluation at the end to make sure that all our teachers and students understand our trainings

Premium Material

Our materials are hand crafted by LanguageBird's team and structured according to your needs.

Our Courses

There are two types of courses here in LanguageBird Academy. One is for LanguageBird's teachers and the other is for LanguageBird's students. Choose the right training for you.

Master your chosen language fast or teach your students with highest quality.

We highly recommend each teacher and students to watch and follow the instruction taught in this training. We want you to get the best out of this training to make your teaching more effective and your learning more productive.

As the world become more and more globalized we need to prepare in advance to take advantage of the opportunities ahead of us. Language learning is one of those essential skills that we need to acquire in order to position ourselves at the top.

There’s no better way to learn than to learn your lessons according to your pace and time. LanguageBird offer convenient learning for our students. We know that we can only maximize our learning when we are learning things in our own way.

Aside form giving our students freedom to choose their time when to take their lessons we also provide them the best teachers. We have teachers from around the world that teach their native language to our students. This way we can make sure that our students effectively and efficiently.

Our Partners