Textbook Access Instructions

LanguageBird will be textbook independent by June 2021. The following information will apply until that date.

LanguageBird instructors are provided the textbook by LanguageBird administrators. While Spanish, French, Mandarin and Italian textbooks do have digital access, all other language instructors will need to purchase their textbooks. You can send your receipts to Andy Amaya at [email protected] for reimbursement.

*Note, LanguageBird provides all teachers with the textbook. We provide the textbook for students ONLY if they are enrolling in the Spanish or French.

For any non-Spanish or non-French instructor: Please do not share login credentials to online textbooks as students are responsible for purchasing it on their own.

Click the file below to see the names of the books that we use for each course. Please order copies of these books if necessary.

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