Fingerprinting or submission from police

Because most of our students are under the age of 18, all instructors are required to submit fingerprints, background check, or certificate of clearance before you start your work with LanguageBird. Below you will find instructions based on your region.

For all California residents:

Please download and complete the LiveScan at any of the locations near you:

For all non-California, US residents and Instructors Abroad

Depending on your location, you may request a background check/certificate of clearance from a police station closest to you. If you need help finding a location, or cannot complete this at this time, please reach out to [email protected]

*All forms must be sent to [email protected] as soon as they are completed. You will be reimbursed as long as you keep and send us the receipt.

*Note: You will not be assigned students until this is turned in.

Click ‘Mark Complete’ to proceed.