LanguageBird Policies

*24hr Scheduling Policy: Any schedule change must be given a 24hr notice. Any request done under 24 hours will result in a late cancel fee. Both no-show absences and late cancels result in a fee of $100 that will be charged to the card on file the following month.

Lesson Length

  • Lessons are 60 minutes live online with an instructor.
  • The student, parent and LanguageBird® staff work together to create a schedule of all lessons for the student in advance with his/her instructor’s calendar.


  • 24 credit hours is equivalent to one year of college-prep high school foreign language.
  • 12 credit hours is equivalent to one semester of college-prep high school foreign language.


  • Lesson credits/hours are not transferable to another person.

Certificate of Completion of a LanguageBird® Course

  • Certificate of Completion, or Transcript, requests can be made through the LanguageBird® website at the conclusion of the course for a $10 fee to cover printing and postage. There is a charge of $3 to be sent electronically.

Course Credit

  • Parent and Student recognizes it is their responsibility to inform their high school counselor that they will be taking the course with LanguageBird® and consent from the high school counselor is necessary in order to have the course placed on the student’s high school transcript.
  • High schools may add LanguageBird® courses to their University of California course list upon request and it is typical that a student need to fill out a concurrent enrollment form to turn in to their counselor.
  • Students may write in LanguageBird® courses and final grades on college applications and specify that LanguageBird® is a UC approved course publisher in the case their high school does not include outside courses on their transcript.
  • If it is not important for the student to have the course listed on their high school transcript, LanguageBird® can send the course certificate of completion directly to the college of the student’s choice in order to inform the college they took additional courses for high school course credit. As with any course taken in high school, it is up to the digression of the college/university to include courses in the student’s GPA.


  • LanguageBird® will maintain strict confidentiality of records, notes and client information and will only disclose confidential information with the express written consent of the student and their parent/guardian.


  • If student is late to a lesson, no additional time will be added to the lesson. If teacher is late to a lesson, he/she is obligated to make up that time to the student at either the end of the current lesson or at a future lesson.
  • If student is tardy, teacher will be obligated to wait for student for 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time of the lesson. After 15 minutes, teacher reserves the right to cancel the lesson. No credit hours will be refunded. Students will have to purchase an additional single lesson from LanguageBird® at the standard hourly rate to make up the hour toward their total course credits.


  • If teacher cancels a lesson fewer than 24 hours in advance or does not show up for a lesson, the student will be assigned an alternate make-up hour. In order to ensure accuracy, notifications of teacher cancellations or no-shows cannot be taken after 24 hours.
  • If student cancels 24 hours or more before a scheduled lesson, the lesson may be rescheduled. This however may set the student back in terms of their projected completion date of the course.
  • If student cancels fewer than 24 hours before a lesson, the lesson credit will be deducted as if the lesson had taken place. Students will have to purchase an additional single lesson from LanguageBird® at the standard hourly rate to make up the hour toward their total course credits.

Equipment failure

  • LanguageBird® is not responsible for any interruptions to live online lessons due to slowness or failure of student’s computer hardware, software, Internet connection or related technology.
  • In the event that live online lessons are interrupted due to slowness or failure of teacher’s computer hardware, software, Internet connection or related technology, the following actions will be taken:
  • Lesson will continue without video. Credits for such lessons will not be refunded.
  • If lesson quality is still deemed insufficient by teacher, lesson time will be rescheduled free of charge.


All students and parents must sign a pledge of academic honesty within their course contract. Plagiarism, falsification, multiple submissions of the same materials without permission to do so or any other dishonest practices are not tolerated and may result in falling the assignment or the class.

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