How to use it:Read from the beginning to the end without skipping over parts. The guidebook was designed to read in order of their operations. The links to documents related to each section is conveniently provided for your easy access. Please keep this Guidebook handy.


You have access to resources that you can use to supplement your course or you can use these resources as homework assignments or for student self study time. All can be accessed on Sharepoint or the Instructor Team.

MS Teams

We use Teams for internal messaging. It is much quicker than waiting for an email because the messaging is in real time. You will be added to the Instructor’s Team and your respective¬†LANGUAGE¬†channel which will include language specific messages with fellow instructors.

Your Mentor
Your mentor will reach out to introduce themselves to you. They will help you become more acquainted with all things LanguageBird including everything listed in the Academic Guidebook. They will also help you understand ACTFL Standards if you need assistance.

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